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I have a lot of fun with my work as I am often taken by surprise by what I paint and its origins. I know that nothing is coincidental – everything is absorbed.
I think that what makes us unique is the way in which we sort our information. In my case words and phrases are the result of this synthesis: they span a
lifetime and emerge as my titles. Sometimes these titles evade me, they are
nowhere to be found. Then I bump into a whole lot of them around the next corner, hanging about as if they were waiting for me. Next is a quick greeting
of recognition and then the business of getting down to where I left off:
my title and I, rearing to go.

The following quote describing the work of Wladimir Malevich would capture my imagination: “He does not so much paint pictures, as engage in a wide
range of things from breaches of the peace in public places, to fitting out
the cosmos.“ *

I like the space and the moment where nothing is sure, nothing is clear
- A moment that hovers before the drop, noise, understanding... the connection grasping comprehension. There’s a gap void air-bubble where things are still open: nothing is fixed, nothing’s certain secure, sure, for sure, irreversible.
In there, in this “open spaasie“ I want to hold the listener’s/viewer’s ear open, imagination open, alert. And stretch out the moment of expectation and
uncertainty, keep her/him guessing at where it will go.

Claudia Shneider

* extract of an article “The true Malevich“ by Andrei Kovalev for the magazine Artchronicka.


from catalogue "pinky-blacky-browny-white" Munich, 2004